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Oral Cancer Awareness Month: The Risk Factors and Symptoms To Be Aware Of

April 5, 2023

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Doctor holding red and white ribbon for oral cancer awareness month

At the beginning of 2023, The American Cancer Society estimated that a little more than 54,000 cases of oral cancer would be diagnosed this year. Unfortunately, many patients are unaware of the risk factors and symptoms of this condition, which results in it not being diagnosed until the later, more dangerous stages. That’s why Oral Cancer Awareness Month is so important! To learn more about the factors that put you at risk as well as the symptoms to look out for and the important role your dentist plays in early intervention, read on.


How Much Tooth Enamel is Removed for Veneers?

March 27, 2023

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Model of a tooth prepped for a veneerThere are more options than ever to address common cosmetic concerns, but porcelain veneers continue to rank among the most popular treatments. Porcelain veneers can fix several imperfections using one quick and minimally invasive procedure. However, the process will involve removing a small amount of enamel from your teeth. Since your enamel can’t grow back, it’s normal to have a few concerns about altering your teeth. There’s no reason to worry. Your cosmetic dentist will take a conservative approach to preserve your tooth structures while revamping your smile.


How to Make Your New Veneers Last

January 3, 2023

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before and after shot of someone with veneers

When you first get your veneers, you’re sure to be excited about how they look and feel. After just two dental appointments, you might have gone from a smile you weren’t a fan of to the teeth of your dreams.

Now that you have your veneers, it’s on you to keep them looking good for as long as possible. If you want to know how to get the most out of them, here’s a guide that can tell you how to properly maintain your veneers.


Are Cranberries Good for Your Oral Health?

November 4, 2022

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a bowl full of cranberries

Once the holidays roll around, everyone begins to look forward to their favorite festive foods. From turkey to mashed potatoes to pumpkin pie, traditional treats are plentiful. Cranberries are another common holiday food that makes an appearance. If you love this vibrant berry, you’ll be glad to know they are also beneficial for your oral health! Keep reading to learn three ways they contribute to a healthy smile.


4 Frightening Oral Health Stats

October 9, 2022

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Woman in shock with hands on headThere’s growing evidence supporting a link between oral and general health. Researchers have found that several dental problems can increase the risk of multiple medical issues. With your mouth the gateway to your body, a healthy smile is more important than ever. Brushing and flossing are your first lines of defense against preventable dental conditions, like tooth decay and gum disease; however, they aren’t enough. The American Dental Association recommends a cleaning and checkup every 6 months, but 35% of adults haven’t seen a dentist in over a year. If you’re skipping your cleanings and checkups, here are 4 alarming facts you should know about oral health. 


Dental Implants: History and Evolution

September 14, 2022

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person with dental implants smiling

Missing teeth leave unsightly gaps in your grin and make you susceptible to a range of dental health issues, though there are several tooth replacement options available, dental implants are one of the most popular ones. This is because they are the only one that also replaces the tooth roots, which prevents jawbone deterioration and makes them incredibly durable. Dental implants have changed a lot over time. Read on to learn about the history of implants and how they’ve evolved.


How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

July 17, 2022

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Calculator on cashA dental implant is the only treatment to recreate both the root and crown of a lost tooth. With over a 95% success rate to thrive for decades, dental implants are a great investment in your oral health and quality of life. However, they are attributed to a large price tag. Although you may pay more initially, you’ll save money down the road because you’ll never need to pay for replacements. Not to mention, you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once because the process is done in several steps. Besides having more time to pay, there’s not a flat dental implant cost since every situation differs. Here are 4 factors that will influence the cost of replacing your lost teeth.


3 Tips on What to Expect After Getting a Dental Crown

May 11, 2022

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a model of a tooth with a crown in Dallas

Are you in need of a dental crown in Dallas? This restorative treatment is meant to cover the top of a damaged tooth. Doing so protects and restores its strength and function simultaneously. While the benefits of getting a dental crown are clear, you may appreciate some advice on what to expect for the post-care process. Keep reading to learn a few tips about the recovery period after getting a dental crown!


4 Common Myths About Dentures – Busted!

April 8, 2022

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Dentist holding dentures

Even when recommended, you may feel unsure about dentures as a potential option. Many stereotypes surround them, which can make a person wonder if said treatment is a good choice.  It’s hard to make an informed decision when you can’t tell fact from fiction.

To settle the above matter, below are four common myths about dentures and why they’re untrue. Read on to get the truth and learn why dentures might be exactly what you need to restore your smile!


4 Ways Regular Dental Visits Can Save You Money

October 14, 2021

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patient smiling during dental checkup

Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, everyone’s looking for more and more ways to save money. Unfortunately, some people may put off seeing their dentist in an attempt to reduce expenses, especially if they’re diligent about brushing and flossing. But skipping these bi-annual checkups and cleanings can cost you much more in the long run. Are you still not convinced? Continue reading to learn four ways regularly visiting your dentist can bulk up your savings.

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